The project

Welcome to the website Come live and work in the mountains is an initiative funded by “Fondazione Friuli” and implemented by “Cramars Social Cooperative”. The project is designed for people seeking a quality lifestyle, in close contact with nature, far from large urban centers and based on a feeling of belonging to a community.

The project aims to create solid connections between people living in the mountains and those who want their own future in the highlands. This portal only points out those “welcoming territories” characterized by communities that are available to host new inhabitants. This communities take charge of creating all the possible facilities like finding accommodation, finding work, mapping available services, etc. Driven by the goal to fully experience the mountains and their community, in an active and participatory manner.





Welcoming territories

Our territories are so defined because they are characterised by a group of local citizens (so called “Community Animators”) who have been trained to help new inhabitants to integrate into their new living environment; These animators are supported by local associations that collaborate for the integration of the new inhabitants into the local community. Welcoming territories possess close social ties that represent a living, helpful and above all hospitable community. That means that who participate in the project will be supported by local contact persons who will help them get to know the area and the possibilities it offers.
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The welcoming territories make available to new inhabitants, properties in perfect condition and of different types. To find out what housing is available, visit the appropriate section of the site. For each housing solution there is a description with pictures, text, method of use (rent or purchase) and geolocation.
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New inhabitants

Our 'welcoming territories' offer potential new inhabitants a small taste of the 'new life'; how? Interested people will be offered a one-night accommodation at local bnb's where they can come and see and touch the reality of the place. Each territory issues a call for applications to which interested people can apply. When the call will be closed, candidates will be informed of the details of their stay and provided with the contact details of the animator who will accompany them during their trial period. If the new inhabitant considers the experience positive and confirms his or her intention to move in, he/she will be put in touch with the owner of the accommodation to arrange the use of the property. After moving into the community, in exchange for the services received from joining the project, the new inhabitant will have to guarantee some hours of voluntary work at one of the territory's partner associations. Se il nuovo abitante ritiene positiva l’esperienza realizzata, verrà messo nelle condizioni di conoscere il proprietario dell’alloggio e quindi trattare sulle modalità di utilizzo dell’immobile stesso. Se anche in questo caso viene definito un accordo, il nuovo abitante, in cambio dei servizi ricevuti dal progetto, garantisce di prestare un monte ore annuo di volontariato presso una delle associazioni partner del territorio stesso.
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Who can participate?

The initiative is aimed at all people living in big cities and their suburbs who wish to live differently, experiencing contact with a living community and a life in close contact with nature. Each call for applications, which can be consulted in the appropriate section, defines the targets required by each territory.

How to participate


The application

Discover the territories participating in the project in the appropriate section (link) then consult the map of available accommodation. If you are interested in a property and would like to take part in the project, send your application and participate in the call.


Selection of new inhabitants/families

After collecting applications, the territory select potential new inhabitants on the basis of the requirements expressed in the call for applications.


Come and try living in the mountains

Selected families will be offered a weekend stay to visit the accommodation and get to know the community; during this trial period, they will be accompanied by a Community Animator.


Confirm and move in

Once the property has been identified and confirmed, the new inhabitants are ready to move in, so after an initial welcome period (carried out by the local community Animator), they can start supporting the activities of local affiliated associations.

Discover the welcoming Territories

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