Moving to a welcoming community means expanding your relationships through the presence of local people who offer their time, their knowledge and even their skills to make you feel at home.

The territories participating in the project provide ‘community animators‘ who will help you get to know the services in the area, show you where the public offices are, accompany you in the integration process, from work to school for your children. They will take you to the forest, to the river, to gather wild herbs and teach you how to prepare traditional dishes.

Perché Comunità Accoglienti

A coloro che nutrono il desiderio di cambiare vita e diventare parte attiva della nuova comunità viene offerta la possibilità di vivere in un luogo intenso nelle relazioni e nelle sensazioni, di poter contare si una comunità che riconosce l’importanza del singolo per la solidità dell’insieme, il contadino, il commerciante, la casalinga, l’artigiano e l’imprenditore


Support in orienting local services

Inclusion in the local community

A contribution to the Community

The best way to fit into a new community is to be proactive and participate in activities in the area.

The new inhabitants who move into the host communities will be asked to periodically carry out activities with local businesses, realities, associations or events based on their passions and skills. In this way, you will be able to make a concrete contribution to the strengthening and development of mountain communities, returning a favour to the community that has welcomed you.

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Meet the Community Animators of Resia

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