The territories participating in the project are special. What makes them unique? The community that inhabits them. Those who choose this solution will experience intense relationships and sensations, will be able to count on a group of people who recognize the importance of the individual and the solidity of the community and who make their assets, both material and immaterial, available to the people who choose to inhabit their homes.

Resia Valley in the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park

an area on the border with Slovenia, offering immense biodiversity and cultural richness, allows you to live lulled by the sound of water and the pleasure of unspoilt nature. Val Resia is a valley located between the border with Slovenia in the north-east of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in a natural area with biodiversity and a great cultural heritage resulting from its border dimension and multi-ethnic exchange. The valley includes several villages along the Resia river. The area has a cultural value that has remained intact, an ancient language is spoken here, there are unique songs, dances and traditions. This richness is preserved by the work of many associations that are committed to promote new activities and initiatives that link the knowledge and production of the past with the natural resources of the park. Choosing to live in Val Resia means adopting a fascinating culture, practising the paths of its park and learning the steps of the typical dance. The area is very rich and picturesque from a naturalistic point of view. There are rivers, streams and equipped footpaths that allow the valley to be appreciated at 360°. There are numerous waterfalls throughout the valley. Thanks to its mild but rainy climate at certain times of the year, Val Resia is home to a great biodiversity, more than 1,200 species of flowers and a variety of mammals, birds and insects that attracts many students and enthusiasts every year. A network of hiking and biking trails unfold at the foot of the queens of the valley: the mountains. You will be amazed at the look of the “Canin” a majestic mountain group attracting numerous sportspeople thanks to its steep slopes or wandering the paths that lead you to the “Le Babe” two sister mountain that stand out in the eyes of visitors from the very first step into the valley.
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Lauco, the sunny upland above the Tagliamento Valley.

A land with a privileged location that is home to a productive community that has been able to take advantage of the fruits of the surrounding nature. A productive community where the sun never falls...The Lauco Valley extends over a plateau at the foot of the Carnic Pre-Alps Park in Carnia, a region located in the north-eastern part of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The hospitable community is concentrated in the main town Lauco and the hamlets of Avaglio and Trava, which dominate the valley below. Nature, the presence of large fields and the sunny location have developed a productive community anchored in agriculture and farming skillfully practised in the numerous local alpine huts. The days are longer here because the sun sets later. The cool climate in summer and dry in winter favors the growth of at least 2000 botanical varieties that are used by the community mainly for medical and cooking purposes. Families who choose to move to this community will be able to count on a network of valuable people, united by a desire to protect the nature of the park and enhance its fruits.
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